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Three Rewards Programs Worth Signing Up For

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I am notorious for turning down those point-of-purchase sales pitches that offer rewards programs, store credit cards, you name it. In fact, most of the time, I don’t even let them finish their spiel. I just say “no, not today,” and attempt to finish my current purchase so I can make a quick exit.

After working retail and delivering that annoying sales pitch every day myself, I’ll admit, most of the time I still turn them down. (Who needs 17 credit cards to keep track of?). But even with my apprehensive attitude, I have found a few programs that are worth consideration.


            1. Macy’s Star Rewards

Macy’s program offers you quick sign up, often with instant approval and a shopping pass to get a discount for the rest of the day’s shopping trip. On the day you sign up, you save 15-20% off of whatever you buy! (It’s also the only time you can get a discount on cosmetics, so take advantage!) Another HUGE benefit to the Macy’s card is that you can pay off your balance at the register immediately after making a purchase. I often don’t sign up for cards because I don’t want to remember another bill I have to pay. With Macy’s, I don’t have to remember anything! Cardholders also receive coupons in the mail, which is a plus. Not to mention Macy’s has “Use Your Card Days” where simply using your card (even without a coupon) can save you up to 20%. It’s so easy to save money that you almost feel like you’re getting away with something.


2.       2. GapCard

I love the Gap. I really, truly do. But it can be a bit expensive, which is why I first considered signing up for the GapCard. When you sign up, you receive 15% off your purchase and you just CAN’T complain about that. It’s (probably) scientifically proven. Using this card, you receive 5 points for every dollar spent at Gap and when you reach 1000 points, you receive a $10 Reward Card! It’s like a game that you get discounts for playing! You can also enjoy advance notice of sales and events, exclusive offers, and even savings on your birthday. Another serious benefit of the GapCard is that you can realize savings (10% off every Tuesday) not just at the Gap, but at Old Navy and Piperlime too.

target-logo 2

3.       3. Target REDcard

Target has both a debit and credit card available that both give you a nice, 5% discount at the check-out. I’m a frequent Target shopper so that 5% really adds up, especially since you can buy essentially anything at Target. (I’m pretty sure I could live in that store.)  With this card, you also receive free shipping from Target.com, which can be really handy when you’re buying gifts or just don’t feel like going to the store. The REDcard offers the option to give a percentage of your purchase to the school of your choice and can be managed pretty easily online. If you’re not sold already, you also get an extra 30 days to make your returns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a Target return in the car and forget about it for the next 2 weeks. This policy has been a life-saver!

So get shopping and enjoy your rewards!

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